VOB Converter


VOB Converter

Do you know what is VOB Converter software? What features  of VOB Converter software has? Before know that, I can give you same knowledge about what is VOB. VOB is the standard DVD video format. When you play your DVD root, you can see the majority files in your DVD root are preserved as the VOB format.VOB Converter software is the professional converting software to convert vob formatted files to any other formatted files that you can play those files with your  iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablets, Zune, Xbox 360, PSP, PS3, Kindle File, Google Nexus, Microsoft Surface and so on.On the other hand, VOB converter software can convert VOB formatted files to any other formatted files you need. Such as you can convert your  vob formatted video and audio files to MP4, AVI or others.

The main features of VOB Converter software:

  • This professional VOB converting software is 100% clean and 100% safe for you to use.When you use this converting software, you do not worry that your mobile phone or  other media playing devices and your original video files will be damages. This free converting software will never bring you any additional effect you do not want.


  • The running speed of VOB converting software is 50X faster than other converting software. With this high speed, you can save much time.
  • It is an use-friendly converting software. You only need three steps to finish the converting.you can make it even if  you are not a master for software.
  • It is compatible with many windows operating system such as Windows Phone 8,Windows Phone 9 ,mac and so on.
  • VOB Converter can be supported by many Mp4 players such as Archos, Creative Zen, iRiver, etc. 

The operating steps of VOB converter:

If you want to convert your Ipod touch  formatted video files to WMV  formatted video.You can follow these steps:

1.You download the free Ipod touch converting software.Add your vob formatted video files.You just need to click the "video" tab on the left to add you related vob formatted video files.

2.Click on "Brose" key and choose a destination file to save your WMV  files.

3.Select WMV  as your files' output format and click "start convert"


VOB converter software is an professional converting software.It is very convenient to convert video files' formats. VOB Converter is an all-powerful converting software that it can convert other formats.For example it can convert AVI to MP4 format,MKV to vob formaT and so on.